The Northside Coin Club is always open to new members. Stop by, check us out, and you can decide if you would like to become a member!

Location of Monthly Meetings

Meetings start at 7:00PM, though the doors open at 6:30PM. The meetings are temporarily being held at the Cross of Christ Lutheran Church. This is the church you see just to the East as you turn on to Perry, going to Cimarron Village, our normal meeting location. The address is 12099 Lowell Blvd, at the corner of 121st Place. A Google map is shown below for your convenience:

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  • Our club member interests include nearly all aspects of numismatics, including US and world coins, paper money, tokens, medals, and other memorabilia.
  • The Northside Coin Club (NSCC) meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month.
  • There is an active bourse for buying and selling coins and other numismatic items at each meeting. There is also a monthly auction where you can find great deals on great coins! Members who have coins and other numismatic items to sell can display their wares.
  • Guests may attend at any time free of charge, but (by not being a member) they miss out on some great prizes!
  • We have an active membership of men, women, and children.
  • We hold a "Coin Fair" twice a year in a public venue such as a library, where our members display their collections and answer questions in order to gain membership and increase public interest in the hobby.
  • We are a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Colorado-Wyoming Numismatic Association (CWNA).
  • NSCC is a registered Colorado Nonprofit organization.

Monthly Meetings Activities

When you come to a Northside Coin Club meeting, this is what you can expect:

  • Upon entering, members sign-in, pick up a name badge, enter their token for the door prize, and can volunteer to bring treats to a future meeting. If arriving before the meeting starts, members are expected to help set up the meeting hall, such as placing out chairs. Before the meeting starts, members socialize and peruse the items for sale by other members as well as the items which will be auctioned later.
  • Part 1: We formally start the meeting at 7:00 with a short, formal business meeting which includes approval of the minutes, a Treasurer's report, and discussion of any old or new business. We announce upcoming regional coin shows and other issues and events which might be of interest to club members.
  • We have a short break for further socialization, treats, and looking at coins.
  • Part 2: The main focus of the meeting is an educational program on various topics related to numismatics. The Speaker is either a member of the club or an invited guest, and they are oftan an expert in his/her topic. These programs are sometimes interactive (such as practice grading coins), a PowerPoint-style presentation, or a lecture. Programs generally last 30-60 minutes and include Q&A sessions. Once a quarter we have an auction in lieu of a program.
  • We have another break after the program.
  • Part 3: This part of the meeting varies. Sometimes a quiz is given to allow participants to increase their knowledge of the hobby. Sometimes we have Show-n-Tell. We have a Fun Facts Trivia to share trivia about a particular coin. We usually have at least one door prize. We Come up with one or more facts about the selected topic and bring them with you to the meeting. At some point during the meeting we will a share our facts with the rest of the club members and hopefully we will learn something we didnít know about the topic. Try to come up with a fact or piece of trivia about the topic that you donít think anyone else will have.We also have a raffle (tickets are $1) for an item normally worth about $50 retail. We also have a "Coin of the Month" drawing. This concludes normal club business.

About the Coin of the Month Program

The "Coin of the Month" works as follows: Bring one coin, of the type described as the featured coin of the month, preferably in a 2x2 or flip. If you bring a coin, you will get a ticket in the drawing and your coin goes into the pot. We then draw one ticket and the winner gets the entire pot of coins that were featured. Note that the value of each coin is generally $5-20.

About the Fun Facts Trivia

The "Fun Facts Trivia" works as follows: Come up with one or more facts about the selected topic and bring them with you to the meeting. At some point during the meeting we will a share our facts with the rest of the club members and hopefully we will learn something we didnít know about the topic. Try to come up with a fact or piece of trivia about the topic that you donít think anyone else will have.

About the Auctions

Any member can place one or more items in the Auction. The auction items are displayed throughout the meeting, and members can bid silently on each item throughout the meeting. The seller can elect to place a minimum bid, but it is not mandatory. Only those items which receive at least one silent bid are brought forward to the live auction with the highest silent auction bid as the live auction starting price. If an item receives no silent auction bids, it is returned to the seller. A form is provided by the club which describes the item, its retail value, and a reserve auction price if desired by the seller (a reserve or minimum bid is not required). An item will require at least one silent auction bid before it will be placed in the live auction at the end of the meeting. The seller is not allowed to bid on his/her own item. Each Seller will need to give the Auctioneer a list of items being sold prior to the auction - a form for that will be provided. Click HERE to view the auction slips in PDF format.

About Past Programs

We have had programs on a variety of numismatic topics in the past. These have included: Grading of Mint State Coins, Money: What is it and What's it Worth?, US Type Sets, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Maintenance and Preservation of Coins and Collections, Secrets of a Coin Dealer, Dos and Don'ts of Coin Collecting, So-Called Dollars, Ancient & Biblical Coins, EFOs (Errors, Fakes & Oddities), Sales Tax Tokens, Foreign Coins Manufactured in U.S. Mints, Presidential Inaugural Medals, Digital Photography of Coins, Alaska Mint coins, Canadian Olympic Coins, and many more.

Starting in 2009, we have now included an archive of the monthly newsletters. They are provided below in PDF format:

Constitution and By-Laws

As a registered non-profit club in the State of Colorado, we have a registered constitution and set of by-laws. They are provided below in PDF format:

Membership Fees

Membership for adults is $12 per year, prorated the first year at $1 per month, and membership for Juniors (under 18) is $1 per year. Memberships dues are to be paid in January for the calendar year. Members get a monthly newsletter, are eligible for door prizes, and can sell coins and other items on a bourse table or in the Auction. Please note that you may attend free of charge to check us out!

You can download a membership application here.

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